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Webinar 3: Parenting with Disability

Published 01 Jun 2021

Poster of webinar 3 - Parenting with Disability - women (wheelchair user) holding a child - 22nd June 2021 from 4-6pm


Webinar 3: Parenting with Disability

22nd June 2021

16.00 to 18.00 hours CET


Disabled persons are considered to exist outside the boundaries of reproduction and one of their greatest challenge is to overcome society’s refusal to recognize them as potential parents and functional family units.

Disabled parents are often seen as offering a not ‘good enough’ type of parenting, falling short of the ideal parenting benchmarks. Care and health professionals, as well as the family court system are known to operate from a deficit model of disability aspect. As a result, cases where children are taken away from disabled parents because they are deemed unfit, sometimes with legal procedures starting prenatally, are often reported.

However, the experiences of disabled parents have been unexamined and underserved by boarder policies and supports relating to families and parenthood. Listening to the voices of disabled parents exposes gaps in policies and practices that ignore them and impinge upon their parenting experiences and offer an important perspective to traditional interpretations of disabled parenting.

This webinar aims to bring to light the experiences of disabled parents, from a number of impairment groups and contexts, in order to understand the social challenges and required supports of disabled parents.

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