Commission for the Rights of Persons with Disability
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EU Disability Card

The Commission offers a SID-EU card to persons with disability in order to help them play an active role in society. A holder of the SID-EU card may apply for a number of services aimed for persons with disability within Government departments or private establishments.

Who can apply for the SID-EU card?

Any person who has an impairment either physical, sensory, intellectual or psychological.

Persons Eligible for SID-EU card:

A person with disability, irrespective of gender and age, as defined by the Equal Opportunities (Persons with Disability) Act 2000.

Image of an EU Disability Card (front)

Image of an EU Disability Card (back)

Apply for EU Disability Card

You can apply for the EU Disability Card by these two methods:

  1. Online
  2. To apply, download and fill the mandatory Application;
    Page (2) Client’s details
    Page (3) Doctor (medical certificate – very important it needs to include the Doctor’s signature and stamp)
    Page (4) EU Disability card

Also note that you need one (1) passport photo certified on their back and Present to CRPD offices

Benefits of EU Disability Card Holders

Applicants of the SID-EU card are listed in a Register of Persons with Disability which is maintained by CRPD and sorted by locality, gender, age and different disability categories and unless they wish otherwise, they are informed of the work of CRPD by means of the newsletter, and by means of other information sent by CRPD from time to time.

A person in possession of the EU Disability card is entitled to the following benefits:

  • Free travel on public transport by Malta Public Transport
  • Free ferry trips by Gozo Channel
  • A free transport service to and from the state hospitals (by appointment)
  • Free entrance for activities organised by:
    – Aquatic Sports Association
    – Trade Fair Corporation
    – Malta Football Association (wheelchair users only)
    – Malta Basketball Association
    – Marsa Racing Club
  • Reduced prices for activities organised by:
    – Manoel Theatre
    – Malta Football Association
    – National Pool, Tal-Qroqq

With the EU Disability Card you can also benefit from discounts from various organizations.  Refer to the Complete List here.

EU Disability Card Renewal and Termination

The SID-EU Card is normally issued for a period of ten years for adults. For children, the validity period is shorter. It is important to renew the SID-EU Card since expired cards are invalid.

Renewal of these documents is the responsibility of the holder.

All individuals making use of the SID-EU Card are kindly advised to take action and renew the relevant documents (2) two weeks before expiry date.

More information on the EU Disability Card can be found on the website or send us an email at


Accessible version of the Study assessing the implementation of the pilot action on the EU Disability Card and associated benefits:

The EU Disability Card should not be used to park in a car park reserved for disabled people