Commission for the Rights of Persons with Disability
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Online learning excludes most children with disability – CRPD Commissioner

Published 20 Oct 2020

While online learning may be a viable solution for some children, it is not a realistic option for most children with a disability, said CRPD Commissioner Oliver Scicluna. 

“There needs to be a clear solution for those children for whom online learning is not a realistic option,” said CRPD Commissioner Oliver Scicluna. 

Online learning is not an option for children on the autism spectrum, those with ADHD or those with an intellectual disability, to mention just a few conditions, said the Commissioner. 

While online learning can be offered to those children who can benefit from it, this solution is not suitable for everybody and leaves out a large population of disabled children, all of whom also have the right to education. 

Those children with a disability who cannot physically attend school are being left with no option except online learning or Teleskola, which is not suited to their needs. 

“Pushing for online learning as the only viable solution omits those disabled children for whom it is not an option. A clear solution also needs to be found for these children,” concluded the Commissioner.