Commission for the Rights of Persons with Disability
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Enforcement Unit

In 2018, CRPD commenced the process of setting up an Enforcement Unit, after it had observed that although it had the legal faculty of taking action against those who were creating discrimination on the basis of disability, it lacked the power to legally enforce its decisions in a direct and speedy manner. To this end, it started exploring ways in which it could equip itself in order to start enforcing its decisions. It was decided that an Enforcement Unit should be set up within CRPD.

In 2019, CRPD carried out an analysis of current legislation and identified the changes to such legislation that would need to be effected in order to allow for CRPD to enforce its decisions. In the meantime, CRPD employed a person with prior enforcement experience to be trained as an enforcement officer and contribute his experience to the setting up of the unit. Training included familiarisation with current disability-related legislation, sensitisation to the adverse effects of breaches of disability rights, and technical aspects of standards relating to the disability sector.

During 2020, preparations for the employment of a second enforcement officer were undertaken, with the person being identified; however, due to unforeseen circumstances his employment had to be put off for the subsequent year.

Once set up, a fully-fledged unit will be taking on three main tasks: providing an on-the-beat presence, providing for legal
enforcement and helping in the curbing of abuse and misuse of the Blue Badge.