Commission for the Rights of Persons with Disability
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ĊaVetta għall-Futur Project

Video Curriculum Vitae of Persons with Intellectual Disability

The project consists of 10 video CVs that showcase the abilities and potential of 10 persons with intellectual disability. 

The aim of the project is to challenge mistaken assumptions about the perceived lack of abilities of people with intellectual disability, particularly when it comes to employment. These video CVs will be used as part of an online resource pack that is available on the University of Malta YouTube channel and that showcases their potential, creating a resource for employers and various professionals to appreciate the abilities of persons with ID as well as for academics and students to use for teaching, learning and research.

‘Viewed together, these videos show how persons with intellectual disability have an important contribution to make to society,’ said CRPD Commissioner Samantha Pace Gasan.

The participants were selected following an open call and represent a number of conditions as well as social backgrounds, abilities, gender and age groups.


The videos feature comments by the participants’ employers, job coaches, colleagues, therapists, social workers and other persons working with them. They show that persons with intellectual disability often also bring other valuable skills and abilities to the workplace, such as determination, punctuality, creativity, teamwork and a wish to learn.

The clips also show how work is given a lot of value and importance by persons with intellectual disability who speak about the importance of having a salary and making friends but also look at employment as the key to independent living and new opportunities.

“This project is championing the National Strategy for Disability. Launched last week, the Strategy hammers on an important pillar: employment for disabled persons,” said Julia Farrugia Portelli, Minister for Inclusion and Social Wellbeing.

“This project clearly shows that when support services are provided, persons with intellectual disability when given the opportunity to start working independently, can give a lot in return.”

The project is a collaboration between the Department of Disability Studies at the Faculty for Social Wellbeing, University of Malta and the Commission for the Rights of Persons with Disability (CPRD). The research team was composed of Dr Anne-Marie Callus, senior lecturer within the Department of Disability Studies, Isabel Bonello and Cristina Grech, two persons with lived experience of intellectual disability and Sandra Borg, Communications Manager at CRPD.

‘Each clip tells a story, showing that, behind the policies and statistics, ultimately we are talking about persons who have potential, talents and aspirations,’ said Dr Anne-Marie Callus, who led the project.

Benjamin works in the Human Resources Department of Farsons PLC. He is also a member of the Equal Partners Foundation.


Denise works with Loqus PLC, in the office. She is also an actress with Opening Doors and does pottery.


Daniel has carried out a number of training courses and vocational placements. He would like to work in an office.


Omar works at Outlook Coop. He carries out in the Outlook office and also at the printing arm of the company.


Gabriella lives at Dar tal-Providenza. She helps out at the Bazaar and the St Isidore Agricultural Centre and also helps the careworkers in her flat. She also takes part in plays staged by the Dar tal-Providenza.


Gareth works with Hotset Ltd, where he does work on wires. He is also a cyclist and competes with Special Olympics. And he is a drummer with Opening Doors.


Maria works as a kitchen helper at Roseville. She is also a dancer with Opening Doors.



Mary Lou works at the Ħad-Dingli Local Council, where she carries out different tasks. She is also good at knitting and lace-making.



Rosie works in the laundry at the Hilton Hotel. She loves animals and makes cards to sell, with the proceeds going to the Island Sanctuary.



Maris used to work as a cleaner at Birgu Primary School. She would like to find work as a cleaner. She attends Aġenzija Sapport’s Cottonera Day Centre. She is also good at knitting and making crafts.